First, here’s a long testimonial from “Chris” - please read his entire letter.

I feel better at 60 than I did at 40! I am less achy and stiff, my strength is  returning, my flexibility is better. After treatment for paint mix, my spine no longer burns. NAET has turned out to be a miracle.    ~Vince Scocozza

I am off all 3 of my high blood pressure pills, my rosacea is almost gone, no more nightmares that I had my whole life, no more fear of failing, or anger at a loved one that committed suicide. It's never too late for NAET. ~Aley T., age 83

Jacob A., age 12, was able to go into a regular classroom after his treatments for Autism.

I can eat food now after being treated for Strep Band H. Pylori.    ~Buddy, dog

I am no longer nauseated and dizzy in the wind! The medicinals are miraculous, especially the Di-Gessta and Gal-astic.    ~Tara W.

My eyes no longer burn and water. My migraines are gone. Thank you to NAET and the medicinals.    ~Margaret Van Laam Martin

I had eye surgery and was in pain. After the treatments for pain and pain receptors, in 20 minutes, my eye was pain free.    ~Marsha Ring

I used to lock myself in the house and take a lot of allergy pills when my (then) husband mowed. Now I mow without taking anything!    ~Susan C.

A  12 year old boy had a troublesome wart that he couldn't get rid of. He had 2 sessions for wart mix and 5 weeks later, it fell off at Disneyland.

Since NAET, this allergy season has been significantly easier for me. I am impressed with the results. My energy level is more consistent, my breathing has been easier and I am enjoying this beautiful spring season instead of dreading it! Allergy free with gratefulness!   ~Jean Louise Green, Rolf Practitioner

After I was treated for my vaccines, I stopped wetting in the house. I would run away from my dog collar. I was treated for fear and anxiety of my collar and I will wear it now.   ~Bruno, huge 8 month old dog

I wasn't digesting my food and therefore had fissures. After the first session for protein (so I could digest it), fissures (to heal them), and pertussis (whopping cough infection in my body), I started digesting my food and the fissures healed. I have treatments weekly to monthly, bring my sons in and we are doing much better.    ~Melanie G.

An adult female (Nancy) with long standing fibromyalgia presenting in severe musculoskeletal pain.  Her pain and achiness resolved after the first treatment which included a shingles vaccine. (Releasing the vaccine from the body). Several months later, her pain is still gone!

An 18 month old girl born with severe hemiplegia (loss of use) of the left side of her body. (Her mother had hypertension and a seizure). She was unable to speak. After several sessions, she gained much more use of her left side and began speaking multiple words.

An adult female with long-standing Hashimoto's Thyroiditis was able to get off her pharmaceutical meds completely with resolution of her hypo-thyroid symptoms.  She takes a medicinal called Thyroiden.


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