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Dr. Mark W. Light is an experienced practitioner with 40 years of practicing medicine. He received his education as an MD at the University of Wisconsin, and practiced emergency medicine for 30 years and general practice for 10 years. After years of practice, Dr. Light became aware of a repeated pattern: that allopathic medicine was not providing the expected results for many health conditions that his patients were facing. Furthermore, the side effects that stemmed from prescription drugs and other common allopathic forms of treatment were harmful and unacceptable. In 2012 he developed an interest in integrative medicine and alternative medicine, and became passionate about the success he experienced with NAET. That passion became his focus and he directed all his efforts to studying this progressive form of therapy. Dr. Light became certified in NAET in 2012. He continues to develop his knowledge and cultivate a dynamic understanding of wellness and the body’s ability to heal. He is enthusiastic about the benefits of nutrition and supplements as keys to excellent heath. He is excited to share NAET with others after seeing the consistently effective results it brings for a broad range of health issues.


I am a registered nurse with 30 years of experience. My whole life I suffered from allergies and allergy induced asthma. I had numerous allergies to items in all categories, such as ingestions, contactants, and inhalants. Doctors could not eliminate my allergies and advised me to avoid foods that I was allergic to, and prescribed medications to suppress my symptoms. My illnesses kept me from enjoying many activities in life from the time I was young well into my adult life.

Through NAET (Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Techniques) I learned that an allergic physical body (including undiagnosed allergies) many manifest its distress through illness rather than the more commonly recognized allergy symptoms.

After researching NAET (Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Techniques) I went ahead with this simple, painless, non-invasive treatment and to my great surprise, found permanent relief from my asthma and allergy symptoms. As I continued to feel better, I decided to enroll in a NAET class taught by Dr. Devi Nambudripad and was hooked. I continue to attend advanced courses and symposiums with Dr. Devi.

I am excited to join the over 12,000 practitioners around the world reversing what the western medical community cannot - Allergies!


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*Mark Light is a retired Physician, not currently licensed to practice as an M.D. He does not practice traditional allopathic medicine.